We offer for companies

Quality selection of employees, temporary workers, etc.

Are you expanding the service? Are you looking for temporary employees? Do you need part-time workers? Do you not want to increase the number of regular employees in the uncertain period? Do you need to increase the number of employees once during holidays, illness or during a seasonal growth in orders?


Can you recruit permanent staff or are you only dealing with temporary assignments?

  • Everything is according to an individual agreement, of course we can provide employees long-term, short-term and even seasonally.

Do you also arrange employment in companies abroad?

  • Yes, we provide this service in the form of cooperation with the agency in the country. For example, in Germany we cooperate with Franken Personal – Nürnberg, Caro Personal – Regensburg.

How often do you visit employees’ workplaces?

  • We have coordinators who are always in contact with our employees. The frequency of workplace visits depends on the position, requirement for expertise, etc.
  • We visit establishments according to the client’s request.

Are you able to provide transport and accommodation for employees?

  • Yes, we provide transport directly by our cars and we provide accommodation in houses we own and manage ourselves. So housing has the required quality and our employees can enjoy their moment of peace with plenty of privacy.
  • Furthermore, we are able to provide additional service as renting a car for the required period and without restrictions.


Employees selection

The selection of employees from EU countries is carried out on the basis of specific client requirements (e.g. education, qualification, experience). The emphasis is, of course, on the qualification and reliability of potencial employees, as well as on moral and legal integrity.

We also verify the validity of documents and other administrative papers, including document on health status. First, an initial telephone (eventually personal) interview is conducted with the applicant and an entry questionnaire is completed. Then the selected candidates are invited to a personal interview which is focused in detail on the personal characteristics of the applicant, his work history (references), lenght of previous employment, reasons for leaving the last job, reasons for registration at the Labor Office, etc. The last part of the selection is an exam of practical and language skills.


Euro Jobs holds valid permits and certifications.

We have a permit for employing people from EU countries and outside the EU and insurance in case of bankruptcy of an employment agency.


Benefits for companies

  1. You do not have to worry about the selection of employees, we save your time
  2. Zero payroll and personnel agenda
  3. Zero worries about recruiting seasonal employees and temporary workers
  4. Zero staff retention costs during periods when production volume is reduced
  5. Zero threat to your company’s reputation in the local labor market due to seasonal hiring and firing of employees
  6. We train competent candidates for you
  7. We will quickly change the employee in case of an unexpected event. (illness, accident, etc.)