We offer for applicants

Long-term and short-term work through an agency

What does working through an agency mean?

Agency employment is a form of flexible employment where the worker is an employee of the agency but works in companies that need to cover the temporary need of employees. It is a relatively widespread way of employment in the world. In the Czech Republic, approximately 2.4% of the active population works in this way. Agency employment was typical for student brigades after the revolution. Later, it began to be used in manufacturing companies where production volumes often fluctuated.

What advantages/disadvantages can this bring to employees?

According to law, agency workers must have the same conditions as regualr employees in the same position.

They should not know any difference. The agency, as an employer, pays social and health insurance for its employees and the employment relationship with the agency is included in the pension. An agency employee pays nothing to the agency, nothing is deducted from his salary a he has exactly the same salary as regular employees in the same position. The agency’s services are paid for by the company that hires it to help with recruitment and employee care. It is an ideal start for school graduates or the unemployed who cannot find a job on a permanent basis. They gain work experince, thanks to which they can better find a permanent job.

What can you expect from us?

Laber-law relationship that we enter into with you will be the same as for a regular employee and the same applies to remuneration. For the entire period during which you cooperate with us, we duly pay all statutory levies for you. The entire duration of employment with us is, of course, included in your pension.

Services for you

Job security – we offer you the security of long-term and short-term employment according to your ideas. Immediately after the entry to employment, we will offer you an employment contract for three years. In case you are satisfied with us, as with you employer, and at the same time you are satisfied with your job position, it is possible to extend the contract.

Transport and accommodation

If you reside far from the place of work , we will offer you a contribution for accommodation close to work. We will try to arrange a pick-up, ride-on or car rental if commuting is complicated for you.

Financial support

If you need help financing your needs, you can draw a down payment on your salary, optionally we can offer you an employee loan. All this on the basis of our internal guidelines which you will get to know when signing your employment contract. As a bonus, we also offer financial, real estate and tax advice.